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MHUSD School Reopening Plan - Fall 2020

From the District Webpage:

As our families are kicking of their 4th of July weekend, we'd like to share our much anticipated reopening plan for Fall 2020. The attached plan has been developed after careful review and consideration of the guidance documents referenced at the end of the plan. 

Many individuals have given input in this plan including teachers, administrators, classified staff, employee group leaders and elected officials. Helpful conversations with individuals, including parents, students, representatives from other local districts, and officials in agencies throughout the State have helped us structure the Reopening Plan to this point. In addition, the Health & Safety Reopening Task Force and the Educational Plan for Reopening Committee are commended for their deep, meaningful, and professional discussions. Their many hours of hard work and ability to shift to the changing health orders and advisories over the last few months is admirable and appreciated. 

We know that today’s facts and advisories may be very different in the coming weeks. The shifting pandemic situation changes globally, nationally, and locally while research on its impact continues to inform all of us on the wavering conditions. It is very possible that new or changed health orders are issued between now and the first day of school, August 13th, which can force big changes in the Opening Plan. However, our compelling responsibility is to now move to action while giving the best consideration for all the current advisories in respect to the needs of our students and staff. 

We will remain in communication as the situation evolves. Thank you for your support and patience. 


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