Band Program


Welcome to Jackson Academy’s Band Program!

Membership in band will require a commitment. It asks the student to become a responsible person who is prepared to contribute to the band by being prepared for class, being at all rehearsals and concerts, and being responsible for one’s behavior.

This ensemble focuses on teaching students the building blocks of music as well as teaching them how to be a part of an ensemble. In addition to playing, we will also spend time each day to work on either listening or written work. This allows the students to have a more fully developed music education and prepares them to be true musicians.

This year, 6th and 7th grade will be considered beginning band. 8th grade will be considered intermediate. I hope to continue to challenge your students with not only an increase in responsibility, but also an increase in caliber.

In order for this to be successful, it requires a great amount of support and encouragement from families as well as staff. We are very excited by the potential that these students have – if we all contribute to and believe in the program, it can only make it stronger.


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. ” – Henry Ford

Band Supplies List

All band students will need:

  • A complete, fully functioning instrument with a case
  • Pencil (to be kept in their instrument case)
  • Standard of Excellence, Book 1 (a classroom set will be made available for student use)


  • Cleaning rod
  • Swab


  • Cleaning swab
  • Cork grease
  • Reed case
  • At least three working reeds at all times


  • Valve oil
  • Optional: mouthpiece brush & cleaning snake

Grading Policy

Rehearsal Etiquette (50%)
Each day that students are in class they can earn up to 5 points for their participation based on the following:

  1. On time to music class. Students must be in their seats ready to play by the end of the song of the week.
  2. Prepared with instrument, music, and pencil. You will lose all participation points for the day if you do not have your instrument with you.
  3. Classroom behavior, participation, attitude, and care of facility.

In-Class Playing Tests (15%)

  1. Students will periodically play individual and group playing tests.
  2. Students will be graded on posture, notes, rhythm, dynamics, style, articulation, phrasing, and other concepts learned in class.

Practice Log Project (15%)

  1. Students will complete and turn in two practice logs per trimester.
  2. Logs must be signed by a parent/guardian for full credit.

Required Performance Attendance (20%)

  1. Attendance and participation at ALL mandatory performances.
  2. Grades will drop a full letter grade for each missed performance.

*There will be 1-2 performances this year, they will be announced as soon as the calendar is completed.

Grading Scale
A = 94-100% C = 74-76%
A- = 90-93% C- = 70-73%
B+ = 87-89% D+ = 67-69%
B = 84-86% D = 64-66%
B- = 80-83% D- = 60-63%
C+ =  77-79% Anything below 60% is an F

Extra Credit
Students who attend a musical event/concert outside of school can receive 5 extra credit points for bringing the program back with their name on it and a parent signature.

Students who attend a musical event/concert outside of school can receive 10 extra credit points for bringing back the program AND writing a paragraph about their experience at the event and what their thoughts were about the performance.

Overall Expectations

1. Be On Time
2. Have Your Materials
a. Instrument/Supplies
b. Book/Music
c. Pencil
3. Do Your Best



“We are what we repeatedly do! Excellence then is not an act, but a habit!”
– Aristotle