Academics at JAMM

We believe that all students deserve an educational experience that allows them to truly be alive. They are actively engaged, utilizing their thinking to solve problems, to listen to others ideas, and respect one another as individuals.

Guiding Principles

  • Learning is a collaboration between students, teachers, and parents
  • All students deserve a positive respectful learning environment
  • Teachers utilize multiple forms of data to guide standards- based teaching and learning.
  • Student engagement is connected to and evident by:
    • Purposeful Teaching
    • Shared Goals
    • High expectations
    • Teacher, student, and parent accountability
    • Valuing the learning process
    • Continual staff commitment to research and apply the best teaching practices

We will continue to build upon the progress made at Jackson and work collaboratively to model reflective learning practice and continuous growth.

  • Options for kids to stay local through 8th grade
  • Maintain sense of community and school culture through middle school
  • Emphasis on Music and Math
  • Preparation for high school and beyond
  • Maintain relationships and school culture through tradition of school culture

Instructional Plan

Focus on High Quality Instruction The 3 factors of High Achieving Schools:

  • Direct Explicit Instruction– Specific lesson plan design to model ones inner voice when learning and making learning transparent to students.
  • Multisource Curriculum– Giving students what they can and want to read- different- equity
  • Response Principle– Multiple opportunities for students to respond and be responded to their learning.