Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone utilizes the developmental assets model to empower youth, parents, and school staff to improve school climate, reduce bullying, and create vibrant, caring communities of learners. Our programs include youth, parent, and staff engagement. Our parent engagement curriculum develops Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills in youth including focus on inclusion, diversity, tolerance, problem solving, respect, and conflict resolution. It promotes a common language to be used throughout the school by staff, youth, and parents.

What is the Project Cornerstone ABC Program?

ABC is Project Cornerstone’s most popular program, with more than 2,900 adults reading to 49,000 kids in 135 schools. The ABC Program is a literature-based program addressing important issues like respect, tolerance, honesty, peaceful conflict resolution, taking a stand against bullying behaviors, and refusing to participate in gossip. Volunteers read specially selected books then lead discussions and activities that help teach valuable lessons related to these issues.

The program’s goal is to help school communities achieve the following:

  • Create a common language and vocabulary about student respect and behavior expectations among all members of the school community — students, parents and caregivers, teachers and staff.
  • Help students develop skills to handle physical, verbal, relational and digital bullying and to STAND UP if they see someone else being bullied.
  • Increase the number of caring adults on campus so that all students feel that there is at least one adult they can turn to if they have a problem.
  • Contribute to a positive school climate where every student feels valued and supported to achieve and thrive.

ABC Program at JAMM

In the 2015-2016 school year, the ABC program is continuing at JAMM. This will be our fourth year participating in the program. The goal is to have volunteer readers in each classroom in grades K-6 and lead the activities. This program is an integral part of making Jamm an even more successful school environment. Patrick Buchser, our principal, fully supports and is excited about the ABC program at Jamm.

Here are some of the comments from staff, students, and volunteer readers from current programs:

“We all are using a common language and can work on dealing with teasing and problems in the same way”

“The books were fun and the activities really helped hammer the lesson home”

“It is nice to have parents involved and reading in the classroom. The kids love that.”

ABC Program Books

The ABC program is a cumulative program spanning 3 years. We will start with ‘Asset Year 1’ booksand  each year new books and concepts are introduced. The Asset Year 1 includes 8 books, with one book being read per month (skipping December and June). We will start with “Have you Filled a Bucket Today” and “Simon’s Hook”. These are the base books and all others build upon the concepts. More information on the books can be found on

How to get involved

  • Spending an hour in your child’s class can make a world of difference
  • It’s a great opportunity for Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Family Friends to support children in a meaningful way
  • Training, books, discussion topics, and classroom activities provided
  • Volunteer commitment is approximately 2 – 3 hours/month for the eight months. All volunteers must:
    • attend a one-time Assets 101 training session (1.5 hours scheduled at JAMM or at the YMCA in SJ)
    • complete a Project Cornerstone/YCMA volunteer application (3 minutes, online)
    • attend monthly book training (1 hour on the first Monday of the month, 8:00-9:00 a.m., at JAMM)
    • prepare for their lessons in their private time (~1 hour)
    • hold a classroom reading, discussion, and activity (30-45 minutes)

Become a Volunteer Reader!

To become a volunteer or for more information, contact Jennifer Galang at