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Get Connected with our Home & School Club (HSC)!


Sign up for weekly updates throughout the school year at:


We also have a General HSC Facebook group as well as individual class cohort Facebook Groups.  If you are not currently a member of your student's Cohort Facebook group but would like to be, you can ask to be added by searching for the group by name or going to the link:


Jackson Jaguars (General HSC):

Jackson Class of 2022 (current 8th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2023 (current 7th Grade):

JAMMs Class of 2024 (current 6th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2025 (Current 5th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2026 (Current 4th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2027 (Current 3rd Grade):

JAMM Class of 2028 (Current 2nd Grade):

JAMM Class of 2029 (Current 1st Grade):

JAMM Class of 2030 (Current Kinder):

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JAMM & MHUSD 2021-2022 Calendars

Our 2021-2022 academic school calendar is on our website (in two different formats) for you to download.  This calendar has our major events, spirit days, and vacation/no school dates.  The calendar is subject to change and we will post updated calendars here as well.  You can access it HERE.

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