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2021-2022 Enrollment Information

Welcome to Jackson Academy of Math and Music!  We are excited to have you joining us here at JAMM and we want to make the process of enrollment as easy as possible for you.  We have put together a list of documents needed and helpful links to provide you with as much information as possible so that we might enroll your children as seamlessly as possible.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at all.  We are here to help you through this process. 


●       Kindergarten Registration: Kindergarten registration only will begin online on November 30, 2020.  Please follow the link to begin online registration:


●       General Registration: All general registration for our K-8 will begin on December 14, 2020.  Please follow the link to begin online registration:


●       Registration Required Documentation List:

○       Please print out a copy of your online registration. (Online registration information to follow)

○       Birth Certificate or Passport of student

○       Residency Verification

○       Student Residency Questionnaire

○       Photo ID of Parent or Legal Guardian

○       Memorandum of Understanding, signed

○       Migrant Survey

○       If your student is receiving Special Ed, please include a copy of IEP

○       Proof of Immunizations-please see link for required immunizations


○       TB Test, signed by a physician

○       Health Physical, signed by a physician

■        (This must be dated within 6 months of the start of school for Kindergarteners)

○       Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request


A registration check off list and all of the forms can be found at:

If you cannot print these forms, please contact the Secretary at 408-201-6400 to arrange a time to pick up the forms in person. 


Please note that there are two parts to the registration process: Online enrollment followed by documentation that must be completed and turned in to the office by appointment or scanned via email.

●       To schedule and appointment, please call 408-201-6400.

●       To scan forms, please send them to Vida Wedding at and put “Registration, Last Name” in the subject line.

                   Ex.  To:

                           Re: Registration, Smith

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Get Connected

Get Connected with our Home & School Club (HSC)!


Sign up for weekly updates throughout the school year at:


We also have a General HSC Facebook group as well as individual class cohort Facebook Groups.  If you are not currently a member of your student's Cohort Facebook group but would like to be, you can ask to be added by searching for the group by name or going to the link:


Jackson Jaguars (General HSC):

Jackson Class of 2022 (current 8th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2023 (current 7th Grade):

JAMMs Class of 2024 (current 6th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2025 (Current 5th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2026 (Current 4th Grade):

JAMM Class of 2027 (Current 3rd Grade):

JAMM Class of 2028 (Current 2nd Grade):

JAMM Class of 2029 (Current 1st Grade):

JAMM Class of 2030 (Current Kinder):

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JAMM & MHUSD 2021-2022 Calendars

Our 2021-2022 academic school calendar is on our website (in two different formats) for you to download.  This calendar has our major events, spirit days, and vacation/no school dates.  The calendar is subject to change and we will post updated calendars here as well.  You can access it HERE.

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