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Music holds a special place of honor at JAMM and is embedded throughout the school curriculum.

  • Our music program includes singing , listening, movement, dance, performance, composition, research, theory, instruments, analysis, history, and musical literacy.
  • Content based on California Music Standards
  • ST Math and Music Piano LabWe want to inspire students to be passionately curious about music from a wide variety of genres and cultures, and to learn to use music as an outlet for their emotions and creativity.

Kinder & 1st grade: general music, suzuki violin.
2nd, 3rd, & 4th grade: general music, piano lab
5th grade: Fall, general music, piano lab. Spring, beginning instruments, piano lab
6th, 7th, & 8th grade: band

Grades 2-8

There are five main components to the CA Music Content Standards: Artistic Perception, Creative Expression, Historical and Cultural Context, Aesthetic Valuing, and Connections, Relationships, Applications. The content will be spread across the school year to help ensure that all of the standards are covered. This will also help maintain a sense of consistency across the grade levels. At the end of each segment, there will be an assessment to prove that the students have met the standards.  These five categories stretch across grades k-8. However, I will only use this structure for Second through Eighth Grade (Kindergarten and First Grade will still be following the standards, but in a slightly different order). The following shows how the 2013-2014 school year will be structured based on these concepts for Second Grade through Eighth Grade:

August – September: Creative Expression
October – November: Artistic Perception
December – February: Historical and Cultural Context
March – April: Aesthetic Valuing
May – June: Connections, Relationships, Applications

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Information for parents and students is available at:

California State Music Content Standards can be found online at: