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What makes up the Home and School at JAMM?  Well, it’s YOU, it’s the Home and School Club Board, it’s the teachers and even the Principal!  Here at JAMM the H&SC works directly with the staff to help support the students by enriching their education through fundraising, social events and programs.  The H&SC is made up of board members to help keep things organized.  But more importantly, it is supported by the parents who volunteer and give their time and skills to the many events and fundraisers at JAMM throughout year.

The H&SC clubs meets once a month.  Please come out and join us!  The specific dates are on the calendar and notices will be sent out, emailed and posted on Facebook before each meeting.  Your participation is valued and welcomed.  And, most importantly it will have a positive impact on your child’s education and the school!


The H&SC makes every effort to communicate with the JAMM community.  We hold monthly general meetings in which all parents, guardians and staff are encouraged to participate.  The meeting times rotate each month to accommodate all schedules, including after school and evenings.

To ensure you are always receiving information in a format that works best for you, please note the different ways the H&SC communicates:

Email: To be included on this distribution list, click here!

Facebook: Please join Jackson Jaguars on Facebook!

Friday Folder: Good old fashioned paper works well for people as well, so be sure to check your Friday Folder for updates.

Recorded Messages: Pre-recorded messages from the Principal himself! (contact the office to have your number updated)

Monthly Newsletter: A monthly newsletter will be posted on-line.  Click here for a most recent newsletter.

2015/2016 JAMM H&SC Board Members

President Elizabeth Miller
Vice President Melissa Altknecht
Treasurer Sheri Murray
Assistant Treasurer Cristina Bailey
Secretary Nicole Calomeni
Fundraising Coordinator Jennifer Maka & Jennifer McKenzie
Publicity Coordinator Alicia Ahmadzadeh
Hospitality Coordinators Rosie Scorsur & Marianne Citti


Home and School Club Meeting Minutes

Home and School Club Bylaws

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