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Fun Run

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Home and School Club presents the

6th Annual JAMM Fall Fun Run

Tuesday, October 31st!!

We are currently taking Online Donations.  Don’t forget to send the link to family & friends!

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Interested in Volunteering for Fun Run?

We could use your help with Lawn Sign Sales and during the event!

To volunteer for lawn sign sales, click HERE!

To volunteer for the event, click HERE!


Class Totals (As of Oct. 26th)

Teacher Grade Total
Brown SDK/TK $0.00
DeCarlo Kinder $1,077.00
Meehan Kinder $2,336.00
Ayala 1st $802.00
Tanner 1st $1,225.00
Jensen 2nd $1,320.00
Perez 2nd $666.00
Cheadle 3rd $1,042.00
Shenkleberg 3rd $1,569.90
Gallegos 4th $914.00
Pecsok 4th $831.00
Shumate 4th $1,210.00
Hackleman 5th $1,312.90
VanHolt 5th $1,135.00
Ma 5th $1,300.00
Kammann 6th $1,220.00
Jochner 6th $330.00
Rubbo 6th $1,200.00
Gillispie 7th $345.00
Mankovsky 7th $415.00
Praisewater 7th $355.00
Listol 8th $120.10
Wargocki 8th $240.00


Fun Run Schedule:

8:35-9:00 Kinder, SDC Brown, Meehan, DeCarlo
9:00 – 9:25 3rd Cheadle, Schenkelberg
9:25-9:50 4th Gallegos, Pecsok, Shumate
9:50-10:15 1st Ayala, Tanner
10:15-10:35 5th Van Holt, Hackelman, Ma
10:35-11:00 2nd Perez, Jensen
11:00-11:25 7th Praisewater, Mankovsky, Gillispie
11:25-11:50 8th Listol, Wargocki
11:50-12:15 6th Rubbo, Kammann, Jochner


In case you need additional pledge sheets or lost your packet, here are some Fun Run Quick References:

Fun Run Intro letter and packet 2017   (en espanol)

FunRunPledgeSheet2017   (en espanol)