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Check Acceptance Policy

Check Acceptance Policy


When you write a check, you are accepting Jackson Academy of Math & Music Home & School Club (JAMMHSC) check policy, which is:


  • Checks written must include the name, address, and telephone number of the person signing the check.
  • Checks must have a current date; JAMMHSC will not accept post-dated or pre-dated checks.
  • The check writer must pay any bank charges, in addition to the original check amount, when a check is not honored.
  • JAMMHSC will refuse to accept additional checks from people who have written dishonored checks and not made restitution in a timely manner (10 days). Restitution should include paying any bank charges plus the original amount of the check.

If a bank refuses a check, JAMMHSC will send a written notice by mail, to make you aware of the dispute. This will include:

  1. A copy of check with letter requesting restitution.
  2. Request that arrangements be made to make payment on the dishonored check and any additional charges due, within 10 days.

If restitution is not made within in the allotted time, the electronic copy of the check will be resubmitted for payment. If the electronic check is returned, JAMMHSC will no longer accept checks from this party. If electronic check clears, you are still responsible for the fees. If restitution is not made for fees, JAMMHSC will no longer accept checks from this party.